Clear Teflon (ECTFE) Shields

Clear Teflon (ECTFE) Shields

The Clear ECTFE guard is manufactured from a central section of clear teflon & side sections of teflon coated fibreglass. This material is inherently resistant to Ultra-Violet radiation & enables a visual inspection of the flange joint.

Clear ECTFE is well suited to concentrated acid & caustic duty as well as Fuel / Lube oil. All our designs are tested on our hydrostatic pressure test facility, test certificates are available on request.

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1. Central Clear ECTFE material
Added safety & continued visual inspection. Other shield designs use FEP as clear section, which can “cloud” over time, becoming opaque, and difficult to see through.

2. 100% Teflon Pull cord
Provides a strong, re-usable tie down.

3 Teflon Thread
Better resistance against corrosive atmospheres. Other shields use cotton threads which disintegrate quickly.

4. Highly visible Orange PTFE Teflon material
Provides a strong, corrosion resistant material to hold the ECTFE in place & wrap tight against the pipe wall.

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