Gassoflex BIODIESEL SGP is an ideal hose for the use of biofuels. Currently Biodiesel entail a problem for most rubber hoses that do not offer good chemical´s resistance as opposed to composite hoses thanks to its inner polyamide lining are an excellent alternative in the transfers of the majority of current Biodiesel even Alcohols and Ethanol in the loading / unloading of tank trucks, wagons or in plant Thanks to the sturdiness of its stainless steel inner spiral, the Gassoflex BIODIESEL SGP hose can be used even in heavy-duty marine applications.

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  • Inner Wire spiral: Stainless Steel 316L (S)
  • Outer Wire spiral: Galvanized Steel (G)
  • Inner Lining: Polyamide (P)
  • Cover: PVC Coated Polyester Cloth



  • Norms: EN 13765:2018
  • Temperature range: -30 C a +100 C
  • Safety factor: 5:1
  • Vacuum: 0,9 bar
  • Length coils: 30 m. Other under request.

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