DRS. External Balanced Mechanical Seal.

DRS. External Balanced Mechanical Seal.

Non pusher type, external mounted seal designed for exttremely corrosive application such as acids, salts, organic compounds and reducing agents. Reverse balance design for vacum as well as pressure applications. Simple in construction for installation and maintenance.



Seal Face Carbon, SiC, TC
Metal Parts SS 316, Hastelloy C
Bellows PTFE Wedge

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Seal Characteristic

    • Single , outside mounted seal
    • Balance seal, with multi spring
    • Independent of direction of rotation


    • Extremely Corrosive application
    • Most suitable for Mixer, Reaction vessel, Fermenters, etc


  1. Stationary
  2. Stationary Packing
  3. PTFE Bellows
  4. Spring
  5. Collar
  6. Cap Screw

Performance Range

Shaft Diameter 25 – 110mm
Pressure 6 bar (max)
Temperature -45 ~ 120oC
Velocity 15 m/sec


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