Interlock Hose Type 150P/150PS

Interlock Hose Type 150P/150PS

Flexible Piping System Process flexlock stripwound hose for exhaust and flue duct applications is made by winding profiled metal strip into a hose. The strip edges being completely interlocked. The diameter of the hose remains constant when hose is cut. Austenitic stainless steel hose is made from strip to AISI 304. Galvanised steel hose is made from deep drawn carbon steel  electro-plated zinc galvanised strip to AS 1397-1973.

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Stripwound hose is capable of accepting axial and torsional movements. Stainless steel offers longer service life and freedom from corrosion. The superior visual appearance and higher operating temperature capability of stainless steel may also be important in certain applications. Galvanised steel offers significantly lower initial cost for applications where performance of stainless steel is not required. The standard thickness of material shown in the data has been chosen in light of many years experience. For particular  applications, alternative hose types and thicknesses are available on request.

Particularly suitable for absorbing vibration, thermal expansion in engine exhaust systems for commercial and industrial applications. Accommodate bends and offsets in solid fuel burning installations or in other ducting  applications.

Lengths and end fittings
Hoses are available either in random lengths, or cut to the customer’s specific requirements. Hoses are supplied in mid position unless otherwise specified. Hoses without end fittings may be attached directly to mainfolds by clamping. End fit

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