Kammprofile Gasket JIC 3850

Kammprofile Gasket JIC 3850

Kammprofile is comprised of a concentrically serrated solid metal ring and various soft facing materials of soft facing such as Graphite, PTFE, and Non-asbestos providing stable sealing performance. The sealing layers protect surface flange damage from high bolt stress and excellent in recovery and compressibility. Especially, the metal core ensures the blowout resistance under operating condition

This Kammprofile gaskets provide a safe, effective seal with excellent flexibility and recovery, allowing seal integrity under the most severe operating conditions. Two part assembly,consisting of a precision serrated metallic core with the addition of flexible STARFOIL® Tapes bonded to each face ofa solid metal core. While the solid metal core prevents gasket blowout, the facing STARFOIL flows easily into the face allowing a high integrity seal out of STARFOIL®characteristics, even under low applied seating stresses

Suitable for the application required a small bolt load since the contact area is very small and gasket seating pressures and temperature are very high. A full range of metallic core materials are available. JIC 3850-SE(SF) series. The soft facing material is STARPITE® tape which is preferred where extremely high temperature (max.1000°C) is required 4 types of cross section as basic, with inner, with outer ring and with inner & outer ring are available in accordance with applied flanges.

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