Metal Expantion Joint

Metal Expantion Joint

We supply a wide range of bellows in variety of material and thickness. The manufacturing size range is from 50 mm up to 6000 mm in Stainless Steel, Incolloy, Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium and Monel.

Metal Expansion Joints or Bellows are used to accommodate the movement of pressurized piping system caused by thermal growth, contraction and small vibrations.

All Expansion joints are designed to EJMA 10th or ASME Stamp as required. These bellows are used to carry various media, including steam, emission gases, water, acid, alkalis and hydrocarbons.

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This high quality and superior performance products meet the various needs of power Plants (Gas, Steam, Coal, Solar andGeothermal), Refineries, Styrene, LNG, Desalination, Polypropylene,PTA, Mining Plants, Cement Plant, Steel Plants Including TuyereBellows & Stave Seals for Blast Furnaces, Food & Beverage industry, etc


Expantion Joint Type 

Circular Expansion Joints

These are thin walled flexible elements that allow growth in piping system while containing pressure and medium flowing through it. Each bellow has a unique spring rate and cycle life dependent on its geometry and material. The bellows have several convolutions that allow movement in axial, lateral angular and torsional directions.

Rectangular Expansion Joints

These are normally used in large hot air or gas off-take ducting. These joints can be supplied in almost any size with single miter corners, double miter corners, rounded corners, or continuous joint with no weld in the corners. Rectangular joints can be manufactured and supplied in Stainless steel, Alloy steel to handle temperature up to 1000 degrees C.

Thick Wall and Cold Spun Expansion Joints

These thick (heavy) wall stainless steel or carbon steel expansion joints for Recuperators, Sulphuric Acid plants, Heat exchanger and Calciners can be assembled and supplied with up to 400mm convolution height and 40mm thickness. These are designed to TEMA 8 or 9 and we can also offer FEA analysis as required by TEMA 9. We can also supply Concentric Cone, Bellmouth, Fan Ring, Diffuser and Kort Nozzle.

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