Mixer, Agitator – RMS U-11 or B-13 DC – Dual Cartridge Seal

Mixer, Agitator – RMS U-11 or B-13 DC – Dual Cartridge Seal

Multi spring type, are designed for heavy duty service involving high pressure and sliding velocities. This seal has positive drive arrangement. The seal is supplied as a cartridge unit and can be directly bolted to stuffing box. Seal face geometry enables use of face to back configuration which is preferred in many dual seal application.

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Seal Face Carbon, SiC, TC
Metal Parts SS 316, Hastelloy C, Alloy 20
O-ring Elastomer

Seal Characteristic

  • Single or Dual Seal
  • Balanced Seal or Unbalance Seal
  • Multi-Spring Type
  • Independent of direction of rotation.
  • Standard API 682 Arrangement 3 Type A for pressurized barrier configurations.


Working with the use of coolant and buffer fliud and applied in cases of aggressive and hazardous media


  1. Stationary Packing
  2. Stationary Face
  3. Rotary Face
  4. Rotary Packing
  5. Spring
  6. Back-up ring
  7. Set Screw
  8. Spring Holder
  9. Sleeve
  10. O-ring
  11. Adaptor
  12. O-ring
  13. Lip-Seal
  14. Bearing

Performance Range

Shaft Diameter 50– 150mm
Pressure Up to 8 bar (max)
Temperature -5 ~ 180oC
Velocity 5 m/sec

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