RMBS B-13 – Rotary Metal Bellows Seal Low Temperature

RMBS B-13 – Rotary Metal Bellows Seal Low Temperature

Series of Rotating Metal Bellow seals, static o-ring is used as a secondary member. The absence of dynamic o-ring prevents possibility of seal hangup or damage the shaft or sleeves. As a standard, AM 350 Bellow cores are used. For chemical compatibility Alloy C-276 or Alloy 20 bellow cores can be used.



Seal Face Carbon, SiC, TC
Metal Parts SS 316, AM 350, Hastelloy C, Alloy 20
O-Ring Elastomer

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Seal Characteristic

    • Single Seal.
    • Metal Bellows
    • Balanced Seal
    • Independent of direction of rotation


    • General Chemicals.
    • Petrochemicals
    • Refineries


  1. Stationary Packing
  2. Stationary Face
  3. Rotary Face
  4. Metal Bellows Spring
  5. Retainer Ring
  6. Set Screw
  7. Rotary Packing

Performance Range

Shaft Diameter 25 – 100mm
Pressure 20 bar
Temperature -60 ~ 200oC
Velocity 25 m/sec

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