SF 300 Valqua

SF 300 Valqua

These gaskets have excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance, are easy to handle and do not harden easily because these gaskets use PTFE as binders. The gaskets do not contain any rubber, and retightening is possible since deterioration with age and hardening does not occur.

WHITEHYPER™ can provide the same performance as GF300 and because it has no black material it is good for using when white lines are preferable and has a wide range of other applications.

Conforms to the Food Sanitation Act and standards for food and additives.

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Suitable Fluids
olymerizable monomer and toxic gas

Joint sections of cover flanges and nozzles and the like for pipe flanges, valve bonnets, towers & tanks, ovens, pressure vessels and heat exchangers used in various factories  including power stations, oil refineries, steel  plants and shipyards

Main component
PTFE, silica

Color / Print
Off-white / Green

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