SMS EA-400 DC – Dual Cartridge Seal

SMS EA-400 DC – Dual Cartridge Seal

Type is a compact cartridge balance seal, specially developed for handling slurries, sludges, thick syrups and polymerising fluids. In the cartridge construction the spring are isolated from the fluid enhancing the seal life. The off-set gland design is very efficient in barrier fluid exchange when compared to most other cartridge seals.

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Seal Face Carbon, SiC, TC
Metal Parts SS 316, Hastelloy C
O-ring Elastomer

Seal Characteristic

    • Single Seal.
    • Balanced seal
    • Dependent of direction of rotation
    • Cartridge Unit


    • Hydrocarbons and oils.
    • Slurry pump and sludge pump
    • Pulp and Paper


  1. Stationary Packing
  2. Stationary Face
  3. Rotary Face
  4. Rotary Packing
  5. Rotary Packing
  6. Rotary Face
  7. Stationary Face
  8. Stationary Packing
  9. Spring
  10. Ring Anti Rotating
  11. Sleeve packing
  12. Sleeve
  13. Drive Collar
  14. Set Screw
  15. Cap Screw
  16. Setting Clip
  17. Cap Screw
  18. Packing Gland
  19. Gland
  20. Collar Packing

Performance Range

Shaft Diameter 25 – 120mm
Pressure 20 bar (Max)
Temperature -20 ~ 220oC
Velocity 20 m/sec


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