UF 300 Valqua

UF 300 Valqua

This is a Sheet Gasket that can be used for the widest variety of fluids, and different applications are not required for acid or alkali fluids. It is effective for promoting gasket integration at a plant where both alkali and acid lines exist. This is a product that possesses high-temperature reliability equal to that of other High-performance Non-asbestos Sheet Gaskets (GF300, for example), thereby possessing both chemical resistance and high-temperature reliability.

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Suitable Fluids
Water, seawater, hot water, steam, air, acid (includes strong acid), alkali (includes strong alkali), salt aqueous solution, oils, alcohol,  aliphatic solvent and its vapor, and various types of gas, etc.

Unsuitable Fluids
Polymerizable monomer, toxic gas Applications Joint sections of cover flanges and nozzles and the like for pipe flanges, valve bonnets, towers & tanks, ovens, pressure vessels and heat exchangers used in various factories including power stations, oil refineries, steel plants and shipyards

Main component
PTFE, silicon carbide

Color / Print
Gray / Blue

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