PHE Gasket, Plates & Gaskets

PHE Gasket, Plates & Gaskets

3Star-MCD is world leader in the manufacturing and supply of gaskets for all brands of plate heat exchangers. Our reputation is based not only on customer relations but also on the quality of our human and technical resources:

  • Production capacity of over 1.5 million gaskets annually; from very small to very large models, such as Alfa Laval T50-M, Hisaka UX100/130 or the APV Sirius series,
  • Widest, evolcing range of products on the market,
  • In-house manufacture of gasket-processing tools (enables us to respond quickly to the needs of our clients),
  • In-house formulation of our elastomers (enabling us to propose the quality that matches constructor brands)
  • All our production processes are fully traceable so clients can measure the suitability of our methods on a daily basis,
  • Full monitoring of all raw materials, in compliance with REACH regulations.

Contact our customer services at:
+62 21 29847235


A wide range of Plates meeting your every need

From single plate to complete sets, 3Star-MCD offers you an ever evolving range of some of the most
advanced, fully guaranteed plates. Flexibility and excellence are guaranteed by our partnership with plate manufacturers; 3Star-MCD check the Quality Certification for all alloys and production procedures used (homologation of moulds). It has a pressing capacity of up to 25 000 tons and an approved cutting caliber (steek tooling, plate thickness tolerances after pressing, uniformity 3Star-MCD guarantees full traceability of all its plates.

World Class Logistical Setup

  • 3Star-MCD relies on an advanced supply chain to meet the demands of it’s clients and also to anticipate future requests:
  • Large stock of strategic products for all brands,
  • Partnerships with major international hauliers,
  • Best choice of service based on purpose and needs,
  • Real-time tracking of orders,
  • Helpful, responsive Customer Services, able to respond to all your queries.

R&D: Innovation and Excellence

3Star-MCD strives to improve the quality of its  elastomers and the lifetime of its gaskets by continually keeping abreast with changes in technology, legislation and international standards  and by monitoring the qualification and control of its products and processes. 3Star-MCD also provides technical assistance for all plate heat exchangerelated matters; configuration, maintenance. 3StarMCD
is based in France

A culture of environmental Safety : Full Commitment and Involmen

3Star-MCD is fully committed to environmental safety and compliance with the work conditions of
its employees by

  • Providing regular training and information relating to safety
  • Motivationg employees to contribute to the improvement process.

MASE certification in France and ISO 14 001 in China enables it to

  • Guarantee 3Star-MCD clients optimum safety procedures for the ervices it provides,
  • Comply fully with Health and Safety regulations.

Sustainable development:

  • All waste is recycled at suitable recycling centres
  • Waste water is handled in-house, and therefore does not affect the environment
  • Emissions are kept under control

We Offer A Solution That Commits To The Target