RSS U-11 – Unbalanced Rotary Single Spring

RSS U-11 – Unbalanced Rotary Single Spring

Single coil spring type, unbalanced seals developed for light contamination, dirty media and clogging type application. The mechanical drive of this seal is realised by grub screw which lock onto the shaft. Seal is not dependent on direction of shaft rotation.


Seal Face Carbon, SiC, TC
Metal Parts SS 316, Hastelloy C
Bellows Elastomers / PTFE Wedge


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Seal Characteristic

    • Single Seal.
    • Single Coil Spring
    • Unbalanced Seal
    • Independent of direction of rotation


    • General Chemicals.
    • Petrochemicals.
    • Light hydrocarbons


  1. Stationary Packing
  2. Stationary Face
  3. Rotary Face
  4. Rotary Packing
  5. Spring
  6. Set Screw
  7. Collar Spring

Performance Range

Shaft Diameter 25 – 120mm
Pressure 10 bar (max)
Temperature -20 ~ 240oC
Velocity 15 m/sec

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