Valqua 6500 AC

Valqua 6500 AC

With reduced amount of soluble chlorine, these Compressed Fiber Sheets have corrosion restriction effect when stainless steel flanges are used for water or water solution. A surface treatment has decreased adherence to the flange.

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Applicable fluids
Water, Sea water, Hot water, Steam,Crude oil, Alcohol, Animal & vegetable oil, Heat transfer oilGeneral solvent, Weak acid, Weak alkali,Air, Nitrogen gas, Inert gas,Exhaust gas,etc.
Inappropriate fluid
Strong oxidizing acid, Strong alkali, Various solvents, Inflammable gas, Gas susceptible to burn, Poisonous
Stainless steel pipe flanges, valve bonnets and other equipment used in various industries requiring corrosion resistance
Main ingredient
NBR, Aramid yarn, Mineral wool, Inorganic fillers

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